Uses of “BEZELIE”

As learning materials

By assembling the robot and running the sample program, you can learn basic things about raspberry pi, Linux and python happily.

The included “BEZELIE BOARD Pi” allows you to easily connect the Raspberry Pi with the servo driver board (3 servos) and the amplifier (speaker).Furthermore, since switches, LEDs, distance sensors and illuminance sensors can also be connected, you can enjoy for the time being.

You can paint it with your favorite color with aqueous markers. You may also try attaching horns and accessories to the hole on the head.Even box can be changed to whatever you like.

Carrying, wearing

BEZELIE is so small that you can carry around like this or put it on a car dashboard.

Utilizing in business

If you place BEZELIE at the shop, it will help you to increase sales as well.For example, how about trying to arrange multiple BEZELIEs at the shop front and explain your product?By listening to opinions from various perspectives, customers can more voluntarily make purchase decisions.