What’s the “BEZELIE”?

BEZELIE is a kit that can make small robots using Raspberry Pi.

BEZELIE’s height is just 3 inches. It can express emotion by moving the whole body with three servo motors on the outside of the body.

Since the head and body of BEZELIE are empty, you can incorporate camera, LEDs and so on.

Assembling is simple even for beginners. You can assemble just by putting parts made with 3D print.

It is easy to assemble the MDF box. Neither screw nor adhesive is used.

Soldering is also unnecessary. Just connect the cables and insert the attached SD card into the raspberry pi just to make it move.

BEZELIE can also be run by the Google AIY projects Voice Kit (sold separately). The microphone array fits perfectly on the front panel.

We are sorry but for now BEZELIE is only sold in Japan.

BEZELIE is under development to aim for mass production. Please do “LIKE” on the FACEBOOK page. Thank you!